Super Mario Challenge Coin Pack

Super Mario Challenge Coin Pack

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Great new collectible fun is here with the all-new Super Mario Challenge Coins! A stunning collection made up of silver finish coins, gold finish, a 24 karat gold-plated Mario, and foil-stamped decal/stickers. These official Challenge Mint™ coins are 1½" metal coins, substantial, shiny, satisfying to hold, and fun.

Whether you're an established Mario collector or coin collector, or are looking to start a satisfying and visually stunning collection, Super Mario challenge coins are the perfect choice!

Each pack contains:

1 Challenge Coin (random)
1 Foil-stamped Decal/Sticker (random)
1 Checklist
The collections is made up of:

13 Coins to Collect
8 Silver
4 Gold Finish (approx. 1:12 packs)
(1) 24K GP (approx. 1:240 packs)
9 Foil Decals